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Entrevista Morroccanoil

Para fazer a matéria de beleza para a Encontro, conversei com a espanhola, Patricia Molina Aguilar, International Director Brand Managers, Business Administration da Morroccanoil. Foi ótimo entender porque esse óleo milagroso realmente funciona. Eu testei lá no salão Maison Rocha e fiquei pasma com o resultado.
Divirtam-se e aproveitem para treinar o inglês, amigas!

How did people discover that argan oil is good for the hair?
For centuries, argan oil has been used by women in Morocco to treat hair and nails. And our signature product (Moroccanoil Treatment) was discovered by our co-founder Carmen Tal while traveling in Israel. She flew there to attend a wedding, and she was desperate because her hair was unmanageable, wild and had a mind on its own, so she went to a salon looking for rescue. In this salon, the stylist opened a small cabinet from which a glass bottle emerged. From inside this bottle, a golden looking oil comes out, the stylist put it on her palms and comes it through her hair. In matters of seconds her hair was tamed, her frizz was gone and the hair looked healthy and shinny. And then is when Carmen realised this needed to be brought to the rest of the world.

What is Moroccanoil’s biggest difference in relation to the other creams and oils that already exist in the market?
Why is it better and what does it do that others don’t?
Actually we never talk about the competitors or copycuts. What I can say is that Moroccanoil was the first company in creating an Argan oil infused hair care product. We became a point of reference in the industry by creating a new category in the market, and now many small and large companies are trying to copy us. We have a strong following among leading runway, film, television and celebrity stylists. What I can tell you is what Moroccanoil does, this product changed my life, and I am sure is going to change the life of a lot of people, is the product I can,t live without, and believe me I am a very tough person to convince when it has to do with products, but since the first time I used it, I just felt in love with it.Moroccanoil treatment helps to restore and revive hair damaged. It is easily absorbed in wet or dry hair, and is rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins and proteins. Detangles the hair, enhances shine and keeps color longer, increases elasticity and gives the hair a softer texture, is thermoprotector, improves manageabilitym controls frizz, increases elasticity, protects from the enviromental factors... I love it because is at the same time a conditioning, styling and finishing tool, but what i found even more amazing was the fact that it was for all hair types!! no matter if it is a fine hair, treated hair, curly hair, works for every women and every type of hair, so its making the care of the care way more simple and easy.It can also be used (in fact I always do it), with chemical services, preparing the dry hair before color and then mixing it with the color or bleach. Is not going to alter the color process at all, but will enhance the hair,s ability to absorb the process and prevent some of the damage caused by chemical services. I think it's a lot!!

Please give us the step-by-step of how to use it at home and if there is more than way to use it.
After washing your hair and towel dry it, you will use an amount (aprox como uma moeda), put it in your palms and massage through your hair, from the middle to the ends. Always depending on the length, thickness and quality of your hair you will put more or less product. for chemical services: § Prepare hair for any of these procedures, by applying approximately 5 ml of Moroccanoil Treatment directly on dry hair before color and/or chemical services and gently massage the product through penetrating to the hair cuticle. This enhances the hair’s ability to absorb the process as well as help to prevent some of the damage caused by chemical services. § *Do not rinse hair before applying color. As the Moroccanoil Treatment is absorbed into the hair, add 3 to 5 ml of Moroccanoil Treatment to the formula and apply as usual, this increases hair's absorption rate and to enhance the shine and depth of color. Use with hair extensions§ Moroccanoil Treatment is highly effective at diminishing static and preserving hair extensions. We recommend using Moroccanoil Treatment dry or wet, 3 inches away from the bonding point, as with any product used with hair extensions.

Can it be mixed with other conditioners?
You can always use any other styling product after the Moroccanoil treatment, the good thing is with Moroccanoil treatment, you are first treating and protecting your hair.

How often should it be used? Can it be used on any hair type?
i use it EVERY day!! and I recommend people to use it every day, although you can see the results since the very first time, it is also true the more time you have been using it the better your hair becomes.

When will the other products be launched in BH?
Can you please tell us which ones they are?
Six more products will be launche in September.- Hydrating styling cream- Intense curl cream- Glimmer shine spray- Intense Hydrating mask- Moisture repair shampoo- Moisture repair conditioner.

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